adj. & n.
1 of or relating to music.
2 (of sounds, a voice, etc.) melodious, harmonious.
3 fond of or skilled in music (the musical one of the family).
4 set to or accompanied by music.
—n. a musical film or comedy.
Phrases and idioms:
musical box Brit. a mechanical instrument playing a tune by causing a toothed cylinder to strike a comblike metal plate within a box. musical bumps a game similar to musical chairs, with players sitting on the floor and the one left standing eliminated. musical chairs
1 a party game in which the players compete in successive rounds for a decreasing number of chairs.
2 a series of changes or political manoeuvring etc. after the manner of the game. musical comedy a light dramatic entertainment of songs, dialogue, and dancing, connected by a slender plot. musical film a film in which music is an important feature. musical glasses an instrument in which notes are produced by rubbing graduated glass bowls or tubes. musical saw a bent saw played with a violin bow.
musicality n. musicalize (also -ise). musically adv. musicalness n.
Etymology: ME f. OF f. med.L musicalis f. L musica: see MUSIC

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